Top 5 Business Rivalries in Technology

Top 5 Business Rivalries in Technology

Top 5 Business Rivalries in Technology

 Several people see rivalry and competition as a negative thing. On the other hand, certain companies embraced competition as an outlet for innovation. What is so great about our list is that there seems to be one rebellious company that pushes the envelope time and time again. Rather than spoiling the surprise, we encourage readers to focus on what the competition inspired.

  1.  Apple Versus Samsung

Many people do not realize that Samsung and Apple actually work together on many projects. On the other hand, both companies have their own motives and in turn, these underlying motives ignite competition between the two. In fact, the Samsung Galaxy S was created to directly compete with the Apple IPhone. Samsung actually began a whole campaign saying that consumers are simply “fanboys” that are caught up in the hype. This really propelled the rivalry and both companies strive to better one another in those respects.

  1. Apple Versus Microsoft

This is probably the most famous and iconic rivalry for both companies. In fact, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates shared a rather friendly and respectful demeanor towards each other. The two worked together in a friendly competition that led to advancements in the digital world. Without this competition there may not have been such an impactful influence on the world. The two companies spawn technological and political cultures within the technology industry where people are split between choosing Mac operating systems or PC. No other companies in their field have shared this effect.

  1.  Apple Versus IBM

Steve Jobs was a visionary who voiced his opinions when he felt like it. When IBM was on it’s rise to monopolizing the industry in the 80s, Jobs opposed this and truly believed that if Apple does not surpass or at least have a comparable market influence to IBM’s then the world would be stuck in the “Computer Dark Ages”. IBM obviously did not take kindly to this and in turn this resulted in great turmoil between the two companies. 

  1. Apple Versus Dell

Michael Dell is the founder and CEO of Dell Technologies and fired some shots at Apple in 1997. Obviously, Apple and Jobs specifically, were not ones to back down. Consequentially, the two continued to battle it out over the decades and it is somewhat clear who now reigns on top. Collectively, HP, Lenova, Acer, Dell, and Asus only earn less than 12% more than Apple does in operating profits. Proving that Apple has dominated the current market. 

  1. Apple Versus Google

Apple and Google are both powerhouses in their own respect, but when Google launched their Android OS, Jobs was extremely angered. Jobs saw the Android OS as a replica of the famous Apple iOS system. Consequentially, he said “I will spend my last dying breath if I need to….to right this wrong.” Since then, the two companies have experienced bad blood, yet do still utilize each others technology from time to time.