Top 5 Businesses to Work for In Innovative Technologies

Top 5 Businesses to Work for In Innovative Technologies

Top 5 Businesses to Work for In Innovative Technologies

Whether you work for money or for passion, the following companies all share authenticity in their beliefs. This common trait alone seems to be the driving factor to why people desperately seek employment with these powerhouses. Consequentially, the notion of being working on advancing technology really inspires individuals to push barriers and learn from these successful incorporations.

  1. Google

More than two million applicants per year apply to get a job at Google. Why is that? Well, the large profits of Google leads to high payrolls. In fact, Google employees average from $88,000 – $200,000 annual salary. Other than the dollars being paid however, what really makes this company inspirational is their belief of making the world’s information widely available across the globe. In addition, Google is famous for having a very chill working environment and provide employees with a working space that they can really call home. 

  1. Facebook

Working for this young company means being apart of something that is growing and evolving. The company offers an Epic Café where gourmet meals are served throughout the staff. Aside from food, another persuasive shared quality of keeping people connected is extremely important to young social media enthusiasts. 

  1. Apple

Apple employees are known to reap several benefits in shopping and in impact on the world. Since becoming one of the most renowned technology companies, Apple has attracted several applicants. The company has heart and really motivates and pushes its team to design and surpass the status quo of what is expected. 

  1. Microsoft

Microsoft has been a leader in technologies since it’s spawn in 1975. Consequentially, the company is one of the most highly demanded employers in the market. Why? They are known for encouraging focused work and individual leadership. Aside from this, the company has outstanding goodwill and it is reflected in the pride of most of their employees. 

  1. Cisco

The culture of Cisco is very team centric; a majority of the work done here will be in business units. In relation, it has been said that employees have a lot of fun and are given adequate training by the company. Employees at Cisco tend to rotate throughout different divisions until they find the perfect fit.