Top 5 Communication Technologies Today

Top 5 Communication Technologies Today

Top 5 Communication Technologies Today


Communication is key to the world’s rapid advancements. Since the creation of communications technology, people have been connected on a global scale at the palm of their hands. We will discuss the top 5 most impactful communication technologies that are used today.


  1. Social Media

In todays advanced era, social media has become a normal part of our culture. Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and LinkedIn have revolutionized the way businesses interact with their customers on a daily basis. Similarly, users also rely on these platforms to interact with friends/family and even encourage some, into entrepreneurship.


  1. Cloud Computing

The model of cloud computing enables users to work, save data and communicate on a shared network. What this does is that it allows companies for example, the ability to host a website on a cloud server. Rather than risk being overwhelmed with traffic, being on a cloud server allows the host to easily scale their business to their demand. In addition, this advent has unlocked the ability to easily share and collaborate on group projects globally.


  1. 5G

The world was stunned when mobile data came to existence. Consequentially, it seems like this technology advances so fast that it is getting hard to keep up. In fact, the once “new” 4G and LTE networks will soon seem dated when compared to the 5th generation of mobile networks. Verizon Wireless is going to be the first company to test this network in the United States. We hope to learn more about this advancement.


  1. Dating Websites/Apps

The creation of dating websites has lead to a new culture and community that widely is more accepting of these platforms. Consequentially, the positive response of the single-market leads to more authenticity in the whole concept. We are in a digital age where people and technology are constantly being connected to one another. The most notable companies are, eHarmony, and Tinder.


  1. GPS in Mobile Phones

Another extremely important advancement in technology was the notable increase in proficiency of GPS. The most common uses of this application are in mapping directions or finding something to eat nearby. Consequentially, there is a lot more potential then that. In fact, GPS in mobile devices allow us to determine the speed and temperature of our surroundings. For businesses, they are able to target certain geographic areas through pin point location services.