Top 5 Communications Companies of All Time

Top 5 Communications Companies of All Time

Top 5 Communications Companies of All Time


Companies in the communications industry spawn healthy competition that leads to rapid advancements in this field. Consequentially, to highlight some of these advancements, we must first address the companies responsible for this healthy and productive competition.


  1. China Mobile

China Mobile Limited is the leading services provider in Mainland China and also in it’s place of origin, Hong Kong. They are currently the world’s largest mobile network company and also hold the most customers. They also happen to earn the largest revenues and profits when compared to their competitors. In fact, there really is no competition in China, more rather it is one massive conglomeration of nationwide networks.


  1. Verizon Communications

Verizon Communications originated out of Delaware, but is based out of New York City. In 2002, the company launched a revolutionizing 3G network in the United States. Since proving such a success, the company was then the first-mover of each advancing network. In addition, they recently became completely free of Vodafone’s 45 percent stake ownership, as they had bought the competing company out for $130 billion us dollars.


  1. Vodafone

Vodafone Group is a British company that was founded in Newbury. They hold more than 400 million customers worldwide and are partnered with several other companies to expand its network across over 50 countries. They may be one of the most globally recognized communications providers today.


  1. AT&T

Founded in Dallas, Texas, AT&T offers a wide array of products and services. From video and Internet services, to wireless communications and security monitoring, they do it all and are a powerhouse in the communication industry.


  1. Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation

Also known as NTT, they are a Japanese telecommunications company that provides service for all of Japan. They have existed since 1952 and have been dedicated to optimize communications for all of Japan.