Top 5 Dermatology Technologies

Top 5 Dermatology Technologies

Top 5 Dermatology Technologies


Dermatologic health is an important aspect of our daily lives. We often rely on dermatologists to wow us with the latest technology. In the advanced world that we live in today, where almost anything is accessible at our fingertips, it is wise that we do a bit of investigative research then emptying our wallets on things like hair removal surgery. To help save you some time and dollars, we highlight some of the greatest innovative dermatology technologies today.


  1. Baby Quasar

NASA recently discovered that light therapy surges cellular regeneration in skin cells by up to 200%! The Baby Quasar can be used at home to cure acne pigmentation, wrinkles, and reduce pore size even. This serious advancement in light technology is a major discovery in this field.


  1. Tria Hair Removal Laser

Tria has innovated a hair removal laser has been tested and can be adjusted according to different skin tones. They call it Hair Removal Laser 4X, which is the first and only FDA approved product that can be used at home. In fact, dermatologists actually use the same diode technology for hair removal.


  1. Pantone Sephora Color IQ

Often when shopping in make up stores, particularly in Sephora, customers are combatted with fluorescent lighting of the stores. This really does no justice when trying to find the perfect blend, only to find out that when you go home it looks completely different. To mitigate buyer’s remorse, Pantone and Sephora have joined forces to design the Color IQ. It takes a photo of your skin in pitch darkness and matches accordingly to what you see in the a overly-lit store.


  1. Clarosonic

Exfoliating brushes have been around for some time now, but a common issue with them is more apparent for people with sensitive skin. What this brush does differently from its predecessors is that it features a T-Timer that pulses and indicates the user to move to another part of the face. This helps mitigate over exfoliation that leads to harming skin.


  1. Adren Rx

This product is the first topical skin protection that features 3 products in 1. Andren Rx beholds SPF 50, DNA enzyme complex, and protein protection antioxidant complex. What are these things? Well, all three of them are focused on protecting the skin from environmental exposures like sun, dry weather, smoke and pollution. This product is actually recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation and is a proven breakthrough in skincare.