Top 5 Fitness Trackers

Top 5 Fitness Trackers

Top 5 Fitness Trackers


It seems like more and more people are starting to adopt Smart Watches like the iWatch and the Samsung Gear Smartwatch. On the contrary, people engaged in a fit lifestyle know that things like fitness trackers are ideally versatile and rugged. Therefore rather than wearing a $400 iWatch to play football or go swimming, a fitness tracker that is half the price and half the size may be a better option.


  1. FitBit Surge

FitBit is the most famous fitness trackers in the market and rightfully so. The company has been innovating and redesigning their products since 2008. The latest product of theirs is rather expensive at $249.95 usd. On the other hand, it is more sophisticated than many of its competitors, as it features a touch-screen that helps you track steps, sleeping patterns and not to mention it is linked to your phone. Being connected means that you can be alerted whenever your phone goes off. In addition, it has a built-in GPS that tracks outdoor activity.


  1. Basis Peak

Basis Peak sells for $199.99 usd and is a watch that automatically detects movement; sleep patterns, and is waterproof for up to 50 meters. Consequentially, for people who want an activity tracker that functions like a top tier fitness tracker and looks identical to a watch, then this is the choice for you.


  1. Mio Fuse

Many people choose the Mio Fuse for their fitness tracker, particularly because of its light versatility. It is a rather thin wrist-strap that can track your heart rate, movement, and most importantly, your caloric output. In addition, this sits in the $149.99 usd range and that it may compel buyers to choose this product versus some higher end fitness trackers.


  1. Misfit Flash Link

The Misfit Flash Link is a budget tracker that is fully waterproof. Unlike most trackers on the market, this flash link does not have a wristband and cannot connect to Android Devices, yet. For first-time users this device might be a good investment as it only costs $29.99 usd or less, depending on which retailer you choose. Consequentially, this small and effective tool should not be overlooked because of its rather low market price.


  1. Jawbone UP24

This tracker is different in that it does not have a display, but it does however connect to your smartphone to show analytics. This super sleek and thin wristband connects with several apps on your smartphone device and actually takes sleep measurement one-step further. It measures deep sleep and light sleep based on readings taken from your wrist. They sell for $149.99 usd and are overall good devices, but they do have a few flaws.