Top 5 Global Influences of Communication Technology

Top 5 Global Influences of Communication Technology

Top 5 Global Influences of Communication Technology


Communication technology has made leaps in advancements and in turn, society adopted these progressions in the same manner. To be sure, we highlight some truly distinct influences that these technologies have attributed to.


  1. Communicating Across the Globe

The biggest asset communications technology has given the world is the ability to communicate across the globe. With advancements in network and satellite technology, these online and connected services are widely available. Congruently, it has opened up extensive pathways between nations.


  1. Online Social Communities

Communications has encouraged innovative individuals to create social platforms for the world to communicate on. The advents of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn have completely altered the way businesses and societies communicate. In fact, each platform forms its own community, but in the end are all working within a similar social infrastructure that is also a lucrative market for advertisers.


  1. Information Is Widely Available

Prior to the creation of the computer, information was not widely available and information would really have to be memorized in order for it to be stored. In present day however, with the help of advanced computers and search engines, we are now much better equipped to find information without the need to fully rely on our own memory.


  1. Retail Is Now Virtual

We no longer need to go into retail stores to shop, in fact almost everything is widely available at the tips of our fingers. Whether we want to buy clothes or cars, the autonomy of choice is more prevalent than ever before. Digital shopping has spawned a completely new industry of ecommerce, where business owners do not even need a storefront! Consequentially, this has been equally impactful to the world, as shoppers are now able to easily compare prices and buy products the second they are released to the public.


  1. Communicating in Business

A major asset in any successful business is communications. The advancements in communication technology have led to great partnerships and relationships between businesses and customers. In fact, the advents of e-mail, cloud servers, ecommerce, and Livechat all prove to be revolutionize businesses and they are just mere examples of a few successful communicative tools.