Top 5 Innovative Green Transportation Technologies of All Time

Top 5 Innovative Green Transportation Technologies of All Time

Top 5 Innovative Green Transportation Technologies of All Time

Transportation has become a normal part of our lives and to be ignorant and abusive with the tools we are blessed with would be more than selfish. With constant threats of global warming and disasters associated with CO2 emissions, society really needs to think hard and innovators need to think even harder. The following list highlights some of the greatest green innovations of all time.

  1. Maglev Trains

These trains will be seen more and more around the world. Development had first taken place in the United States, but more specifically in the metropolitan powerhouse, New York. The Maglev works on a magnetic levitation guidance system. Although it was a United States creation, Shanghai is the only place that has adopted the Maglev commercially. It reportedly can travel the same distance in 10 minutes when compared to a 1-hour long drive.


  1. Electric Cars

The innovation of electric cars actually began in the 1880s, but was not widely adopted until recent years. Companies like Smartcar and Car2Go have worked together in spreading the use of these vehicles. Smartcar was not very successful in retail, but when partnered with Car2Go, they had proved to be quite impactful to the world. Offering a car sharing service and encouraging the use of electric cars is really a homerun idea. In addition, to reach more public appeal, other companies are starting to beautify these cars in such models like the Tesla.


  1. Hybrid Vehicles

It is sometimes hard to convince the world to adopt something new, especially when gasoline vehicles have been part of the industrial culture for ages. Consequentially, hybrid vehicles serve as a balanced medium between gasoline and electric vehicles. In fact, several companies offer hybrid vehicles for a higher price point, but promise rewarding savings on gas and emissions.


  1. Bicycle

In our list, this is most definitely the least harmful mode of transportation for the environment. It encourages a healthy lifestyle and a greener future. On the other hand, not everyone does know how to ride a bicycle, or the fear of dangers intimidates riding on the streets. Nevertheless, this has proven to be a quintessential advent for the world. Innovative entrepreneurs have taken this one step further and designed electric and solar-powered bicycles.


  1. Trolley Bus

Powered by electricity, these buses have been the typical mode of transportation for millions of people in the world, especially in the United States. With the population increase, comes an increase in emissions. On the other hand, if we are to compromise from time to time and ride this public transportation vehicle then each individual is actually able to make a “greener” difference. Nevertheless, this is a serious innovation that has helped keep the world moving, while maintaining sustainability.