Top 5 Innovative Technologies From Japan

Top 5 Innovative Technologies From Japan

Top 5 Innovative Technologies From Japan 

Japan is one of the leading innovators of the world in terms of technology. A lot of the newer electronics seem to actually be inspired by Japanese inventions. To commemorate some of the greatest technological inventions from Japan, we will highlight the best. 

  1. Electric Rice Cooker

Cooking rice seems like a normal part of many people’s everyday lives. Whether it is brown rice, white rice, jasmine, basmati, or even sweet rice, all are more rapidly prepared thanks to the electric rice cooker. In 1940, Mitsubishi Electric invented this device that steamed grains without burning them, in other words, making perfectly cooked rice every time. 

  1. Electronic Calculators

Can you imagine if our accountants today still had to use an abacus to calculate everything? Thank goodness for the Japanese invention of electronic calculators. In 1957, Casio became the creator of electronic calculators that made math class ten times easier. Although these devices may have deteriorated a lot of our cognitive ability to calculate things, they still manage to make our lives much easier and have become a part of our culture. 

  1. Video Tape Recorder (VTR)

The famous VHS tapes built a culture around film enjoyment. This advent led to the massive popularity of VHS tapes and systems. Wasn’t it fun going with your parents/children to Blockbuster and renting your favorite VHS’? Aside from major piracy issues and the rise of the digital era, this product did quite well and was widely popular. 

  1. Walkman

You weren’t cool unless you had a Sony Walkman in the 80s. Sony revolutionized the music and lifestyle industry by creating this listening device. This was the iPod of the 80s and to many peoples surprise it still exists. The Walkman also found itself partnering in cellular devices like Sony Ericsson. Who knows, maybe Apple had taken a page out of Sony’s book. 

  1. Camcorder/Digital Cameras

The 80s was a period of innovation and changing the world. Japans leading technology-developing company, Sony really took the world by storm when they released the first digital camera and video camera. People were now able to purchase a rather affordable piece of equipment that unlocked the ability to record candid moments. In addition, these cameras also promoted creativity for individuals and also the film industry.