Top 5 Innovative Technologies From Korea

Top 5 Innovative Technologies From Korea

Top 5 Innovative Technologies From Korea 

Korea is famed for being a major contributor to innovation. Their success not only comes in the innovative products that have been created, but in the globally known brands like Samsung or Hyundai. Today we will go over some major discoveries and innovative technological creations from Korea. 

  1. Dog Cloner, Snuppy

Controversial Korean biomedical scientist Hwang Woo-Suk made a remarkable breakthrough in science. He and his team are credited with producing the first cloned dog from a single cell, culling it from an Afghan hound’s ear.

  1. Underfloor Heating (Ondol)

Korea was the first to display elements of underfloor heating. In traditional Korean architecture, wood smoke burned from a firebox or stove below brick and stone flooring then left out of a chimney. In fact, specialists were able to discover evidence that this creation dated back 1000 years BC.

  1. LTE Mobile Phone

In 2010, the Samsung SCH-r900 was launched to become the first mobile phone in the world. Following this, the Samsung Galaxy Induge became the words first smartphone with LTE. Korean company Samsung are leaders in the technology industry and are constantly innovating new products. 

  1. Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB)

This technology makes it possible for us to watch television and listen to the radio through our Laptops, GPS systems, and cellular phones. In fact, the world’s first mobile television service was started in South Korea! Surprisingly, most people know this service as, MobileTV. 

  1. Metal Movable Printer

This creation was used to print Jikji, or in translation, a Korean Buddhist document that was printed in ceramic. This was a serious invention during this era and the Chinese saw that it was fitting to their culture, as illiteracy was shameful.