Top 5 Innovative Technologies From Netherlands

Top 5 Innovative Technologies From Netherlands

Top 5 Innovative Technologies From Netherlands


Each country seems to specialize in certain innovations, but more importantly certain individuals create something that changes the world. The Netherlands has been pioneer of some of the greatest revolutionizing discoveries in the world and today we will highlight a few of the best.



  1. Microscope and Telescope

The microscope and telescope were pivotal discoveries to the world. The advent of the microscope resulted in miraculous breakthroughs in healthcare, particularly with its aid to biological sciences. The telescope was equally as contributing in terms of aiding advancement. Astrologists, scientists, and military personnel have relied on telescopes for years now. This then led to the creation of binoculars.


  1. Solar Roads

The Netherlands recently has created something so pivotal to the world that hopefully inspires other countries to do the same. They converted a 70-metre bike path into a solar road that generated 3,000 kWh. The solar panels on the path are molded between concrete, silicone rubber and glass, making the roads equally as durable as they are now efficient.


  1. Artificial Kidney

They artificial kidney was engineered to support the health industry, specifically with cases related the kidney failure. Consequentially, this discovery led to the invention of the modern kidney dialysis machine and mechanical heart. Dr. Willem Kolff was the inventor of these earthshattering discoveries and unfortunately passed away to congestive heart failure.


  1. Electrocardiograph

The electrocardiograph is a device that detects and analysis the condition of the heart using electrical currents. William Einthoven’s invention has benefited the world since it’s spawn. Healthcare professionals are now able to use his technology to be more proactive with patients.


  1. Compact Disc

Although this product is no longer popularly used, when compact discs first released, everyone wanted a piece of the action. What helped propel this invention was the advent of LaserDiscs that are no longer heard of. What compact discs provided the world was an outlet to store and share content. For the music and movie industries, this was an important discovery for them to reach out to consumers.