Top 5 Innovative Technologies From Sweden

Top 5 Innovative Technologies From Sweden

Top 5 Innovative Technologies From Sweden


Innovative technologies inspire the world to think differently and for the most part, the successful companies actually change the world. Today we will be highlighting the top 5 innovative technologies from Sweden.


  1. Skype

Skype was the first pioneer of a program that allowed people to call or video call each other through the Internet. This was a major development to the industry as people became less hesitant to communicate, do business, and digitally explore different parts of the world with this free communicative tool. Eventually, Ebay had bought Skype in 2005 for just about $3.5 Billion US dollars.


  1. Spotify

There have been great issues with piracy in the past and innovative companies like Soundcloud have arrived that offer users the ability to share music through a cloud server. Consequentially, artists still were not gaining the credit they deserved. This is where Spotify came in to revolutionize the industry by offering monthly subscriptions and partnerships with phone providers to offer their services. In turn, artists are given the credit they deserve and people are able to enjoy and organize their music without actually using any memory, not to mention they have an offline feature that conserves data usage.


  1. HIV-Tracing System

This new system of tracing HIV has expedited the way we can detect the harmful viruses. Previously, people were used to having to wait months for results, but now it is said that tests now range from 15 minutes to a day! That means that the months saved from this technology leads to more proactive actions.


  1. Keybroker Social

Since Facebook’s explosive growth, certain companies like Keybroker Social understood the potential and jumped on it. What they offer is a unique strategy to maximize exposure on social media platforms like Facebook. Many companies actually rely on such social brokers sort of speak and Keybroker Social happens to be one of the first-movers to understand how it all works.


  1. MyFuelCell

Swedish company, MyFuelCell had created an innovative product called the Powertrekk. What this product does is generate power through hydrogen and air. What they focus on with the PowerTrekk is a portable charging device like any other portable charger, but with a seemingly infinite energy source that is generated from water and salt.