Top 5 Innovative Technologies From The United States

Top 5 Innovative Technologies From The United States

Top 5 Innovative Technologies From The United States


The United States is famous for their ability to monetize and bring globally known value to many products and companies. Consequentially, aside from spawning some of the greatest businesses in the world, there have been very pivotal discoveries.


  1. The Transistor

Bell Labs had created the most important piece of electronics in 1947. Since then, the transistor has been involved in basically every modern piece of electronic. This miniscule semiconductor is also the driving factor to Bell discovering the telephone.


  1. Voyager 1

Thanks to this “out of the world” spacecraft, the world gets to see what deep space and other planets look like up-close. The Voyager is said to travel over 12 billion miles away from Earth and it explores our solar system. This innovation inspires the creation of more advanced spacecraft that can lead to even greater discoveries.


  1. Cyclotron Atom-Smasher/Particle Accelerator

This device is rather complex to understand so we will try and make it more understandable for the general public. It is a device that features electromagnetic fields that propel charged particles and thus accelerating them to create high-energy beams. It is a breakthrough in technology and especially in the health industry. The applications of this device are commonly used in particle beam cancer treatments.


  1. Macintosh/Windows PC

These two competing companies have one thing in common; they are both from the United States and have changed the world. These were the first computers that were widely available to the public. What these two companies had taught us was that healthy competition is beneficial in motivating innovation. Since then, many people have tried to replicate their operating systems and computers, but simply do not have the same level of greatness. So, what else do these two powerhouse companies teach us? That success is in a vision and rather than thinking of only profits, innovation is the forefront of success.


  1. 3D Printing

A recent innovation of 3D printing has taken the world by storm. The numbers of applications these printers are capable of are overwhelming. The possibilities are up to our imagination, for example we can create things like prosthetic body parts, scaled models, and toys rather easily with this advent. We hope that these 3D printers can lead to more innovations that can change the world.