Top 5 Innovative Technologies of All Time

Top 5 Innovative Technologies of All Time

Top 5 Innovative Technologies of All Time


Innovation and technology go hand in hand. In turn, advancements unlock greater potential for human discovery. Today we will explore the top inventions, innovations and breakthroughs in technology.


  1. The Internet

The greatest and most impactful technology of our list is the worldwide web. The creation began in 1960 when a team of computer scientists and programmers came together and worked under the Advanced Research Projects Agency for the U.S. Defense Department. The method of data transmission (packet switching) was pivotal in its creation. The Internet has created a whole new realm for us to communicate, conduct business, and stay connected with the world, thus making it the greatest technology of all time.


  1. The Telephone

This invention dates back to 1876 when Alexander Graham Bell created the transistor, leading to the advent of the telephone. Communication is so important in the world today in both relationships and business. Nevertheless, the creation also inspired other innovators to take the concept of communications one step further. Thanks to this creation we are now able to converse across the globe and for service providers, they would not exist without this advent.



  1. Cellular Networks

Predating to a time without cellular devices, we simply had to send letters or go home to make phone calls, which is if you could actually afford a telephone in your home. Martin Cooper is an American engineer who pioneered wireless communications in radio spectrum management. Thanks to this creation of a shared network, cellular companies have continued to surprise us with new technology. We are now able to freely communicate at all times thanks to cellular technology.


  1. Personal Computers

Aside from popular belief, IBM was not the creator of the PC. In fact, Dr Henry Edward Roberts invented the Altair 8800. Companies like Microsoft and Apple actually credit him to be the founding father of the PC. Nevertheless, thanks to this awesome creation we are now able to efficiently multitask, communicate, calculate, and process detailed information. Without the creation of the PC, the world would be a much less advanced place.



  1. Barcode

The barcode was designed in 1950 by Norman Woodland, but unfortunately was not very functional as it still had many bugs. Consequentially, in the 1970s the same student created the Universal Product Code, while working for IBM. Since then these black strips have been seen throughout the retail and inventory world.