Top 5 Innovative Technologies That Promote Better Health

Top 5 Innovative Technologies That Promote Better Health

Top 5 Innovative Technologies That Promote Better Health


Technology and fitness go somewhat hand in hand. When the top tier athletes are training or testing themselves, they often are all wired up to a computer system. Well, if you aren’t a superstar NBA or NFL player, then maybe these much simpler devices may suit you better.


  1. Nike FuelBand

The Nike Fuelband has recently gained great popularity in both the technology and fitness industries. It feels like a slightly thicker Livestrong bracelet, but it features accelerometers and even Bluetooth capabilities. Users are able to track their movement, caloric intakes, and remind themselves when they are in deficit of their daily goals. In other words, it gets you moving.


  1. SleepBot

Many people often overlook the importance of proper sleep. Much like when we track our diets and workouts, SleepBot tracks your sleeping patterns. For maximum results in both physical and mental health, the average adult (18+) needs 7.5-9 hours of sleep. Some people may simply think they do not have time to be sleeping so long, but in reality much like we make time to work on our aesthetic gains in the gym, dedication is needed for improvements.  Individuals with SleepBot report that after seeing their actual patterns, they become motivated to work on that aspect of their lives.


  1. MyFitnessPal

This application is mobile and extremely detailed in what food choices they have. Here, you log every meal you eat and according to your demographics and exercise levels, the application can suggest certain things that can be done to achieve a goal. For example, on the app if you selected you want to lose 1 pound every week; they will adjust your caloric intake to match your activity level until that goal is met. From there, it is really up to you to stay dedicated.


  1. Pedometers

Pedometers are what track your steps in many applications and devices. Consequentially, after this creation many companies felt inspired to utilize it and start promoting a healthier lifestyle. Gadgets like the Nike FuelBand and your OS devices all feature this technology.


  1. Gunnar Optiks Eyewear

If you spend long hours looking at computer screens or are constantly on gaming platforms, then these glasses may be of great value and interest to you. What these yellow-tinted lenses do is filter out artificial light and enhance the contrast in the image. In addition, they are coated with anti-glare and in turn, promote eye moisture and alleviate strained eyes.