Top 5 Innovative Technology Companies That Give Back

Top 5 Innovative Technology Companies That Give Back

Top 5 Innovative Technology Companies That Give Back


When people have a vision of building a successful business and brand, they often are not certain on how they can make an impact on the world. Consequentially, some of the largest technology companies that carry massive profits are not just thinking selfishly. Instead, they share their success by building charitable programs that can change the world. A lot of companies should take note and understand that karma is earned.


  1. Amazon

AmazonSmile is a rather new branch of the parent Amazon site and it promotes a better world. In fact, AmazonSmile for the most part is identical to The only difference is that they donate a portion of their each sale to charitable organizations that is selected by the customer. Not only are they helping over 1 million different charitable organizations, but they also encourage customers to be apart of the giving, without actually having to put any more money out.


  1. Microsoft

Microsoft, or more specifically Bill Gates, has made considerable charitable donations to different organizations. In fact, Microsoft is prominently known for donating equipment to 86,000 different organizations. To encourage employees to give back, Microsoft says that for every Microsoft employee that volunteer at a charity for a minimum of four hours, the nonprofit organization gets $25 an hour from the tech powerhouse. Not to mention the Gates Foundation encourages wealthy individuals like Warren Buffett to contribute large donations to various charities.


  1. Salesforce

Salesforce is known famously for their 1/1/1 Model. What this means is that the company donates 1% of its employees time, profits, and product resources to charitable causes. They are the first to do so and in 16 years, they have donated just over $96 million in charitable endowments and not to mention, donate tons of equipment to over 26,000 nonprofit organizations.


  1. Zappos

Zappos is one of the most successful retail-clothing sites in its market. Subsidiary of Amazon, this company shares the same values in giving back to the community it flourished in. The company encourages employees to volunteer at charitable events that are sometimes hosted by Zappos. Consequentially, these employees are actually paid during their involvement in volunteering. A prominent event that the company host is called “Operation Glass Slipper”; they provide prom attire for less privileged girls.


  1. SurveyMonkey

Users are in charge of donating when they engage with SurveyMonkey. The famous survey website actually rewards users that take surveys by letting them choose where they would like to make a charitable donation on SurveyMonkey’s behalf. They have raised over $5 million dollars in donations and feature such charitable organizations like the American Red Cross and The Humane Society of the United States. Nevertheless, they are part of a unique generation that looks to better the world.