Top 5 Most Popular Cellular Devices of All Time

Top 5 Most Popular Cellular Devices of All Time

Top 5 Most Popular Cellular Devices of All Time

 Cellular devices are now apart of our everyday lives. To commemorate how they became so widely available, we will highlight some of the most popular Cell/Smart Phones of all time.

  1. IPhone, All Models

There is no doubt that Apple reigns supreme in how they built a relationship with their brand and their consumers. The indirect relationship with consumers results in their devices being widely adopted. The IPod was already a major discovery for the established company, but they took it one step further and shocked the world with their IPhone 3G. Presently, the IPhone 6S is on route to release and is sure to generate comparable levels of demand. In fact, unlike any other competing cellular phone in the market, every single IPhone release has lead to people lining up out the door for this product.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Models

After the debut of the Android phone, people were still rather skeptical, as the design of the hardware’s still seemed incomparable to the elegance of the IPhone. Consequentially, Samsung released their Galaxy S. It proved to be a worthy adversary of the IPhone and in fact, the Samsung Galaxy S III surpassed the IPhone 4S in being praised as the best selling Smartphone of 2012. This is highly due to the fact that the technology in the Samsung Galaxy S III clearly out performed its Apple IPhone 4S counterpart.

  1. BlackBerry Bold

Blackberry had taken the business world by storm by offering their famous QWERTY keyboard on a sleek and convenient SmartPhone. In addition, they offered BlackBerry Messenger that was businesses-oriented, as it had features like read receipts. Consequentially, the company was unable to continue launching successful devices, especially after the poor launch of the BlackBerry Storm. Nevertheless, the phones are still being used today, but mainly for business use and the Bold-line still seems to be the strongest of their fleet.

  1. Motorola Razr

This is probably the most popular flip phone of its time. By 2004, Motorola had launched this ultra thin and fashionable phone. The phone was widely successful and it seemed like almost everyone had one at some point in his or her life. Nevertheless, the Razr still exists today as Android SmartPhones, but is not as successful as it’s predecessor due to competitive market conditions.

  1. Nokia 3310

This GSM phone released in 2000 and received notable success when compared to their competitors at the time. Consequentially, what really set this phone apart in this era was the fact that it featured rare utilities and games for its time. To be specific, the applications of having a calculator, Speed-dialing, stopwatch features, SMS and games like Snake and Pairs really put this phone up on the pedestal.