Top 5 Most Successful and Innovative Businesses in Technology

Top 5 Most Successful and Innovative Businesses in Technology

Top 5 Most Successful and Innovative Businesses in Technology


Profits help distinguish who is making the most money, but they really do not determine who is the most successful one. What we have done is taken a look at some of the top tier competitors in the technology industry. Then, we took into account that some have pre-existed longer than others. Thus a fair comparison would be to look at market influence, the rates of growth, brand recognition, and then profits.


  1. Apple

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak aimed to create beautifully designed products that surpass the status quo and change the world. In turn, this authentic belief and dream of the company has lead to innovative creations that people can’t seem to get enough of. From advanced Mac computers, operating systems and IPhones, they have dominated the tech industry by releasing incomparable products that carry the distinct Apple design. For example, society has almost forgotten the term MP3 player and the term IPods seems to be more widely adopted.


  1. Google

This global technology company dominates the market in advertising, search engines, cloud computing, software development and overall market presence. In fact, there probably is not a single person in North America who has not heard of them. Google has always been increasing in market value, but as of recent years they have made notable leaps in technological advancements, making them more than worthy as a top contender on our list.


  1. com

Aside from being the North American leader of ecommerce retail and leader of being the largest Internet retailer in the United States, the company actually offers exceptional customer service. The fact that they work 24/7 and 365 days a year really distinguishes the company from the rest. Aside from the excellent service they provide the world, their uncanny customer service is a major propeller of their success.


  1. IBM

This American technology and consulting corporation features some of the most unique services in the world today. Unlike most technology companies, they do not focus on selling a product, but more rather unique services. Some of these services include infrastructure, software development, hardware development, hosting, consulting, and Nano technology development. Nevertheless, they are one of the most valued companies today and strive to change the world through supercomputing and innovation.


  1. Hewlett-Packard (HP)

HP is famous for their world-renowned computer and printer hardware. They service households and businesses by innovating new and better technology for consumption time and time again. Aside from their hardware, they actually have recently been heavily into developing software for business service management, mobile apps, analytics, and really are invested into several other categories. Nevertheless, the company clearly is passionate about innovation and success.