Top 5 Recent Green Innovations in Transportation

Top 5 Recent Green Innovations in Transportation

Top 5 Recent Green Innovations in Transportation

The automobile is one of the world’s most pivotal inventions. On the contrary, the effects associated with the vehicles may prove to do more harm than good in the long run. Therefore it is important that we make an effort to minimize the usage of these fuel-leaded cars. To help aid with some alternatives, we have compiled a list of some recent innovations that lead us to a greener and more sustainable world.

  1. Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid cars are partly electric or hydrogen-powered, but at the same time operate with biofuel and fossil fuel. Although being fully electric might be a better option, more people still favor to adopt the hybrid vehicles. Consequentially, the innovative design helps minimalize emissions, while giving owners more value for their gas. From the 1997 Toyota Prius to the BMW i8, companies are constantly thinking of revolutionizing the world with these advancing innovations.

  1. Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles provide a 0-99.9% reduction in Carbon Dioxide emissions when in contrast with their gasoline and diesel counterparts, while being comparable in performance. When the advent of this technology first originated, the world was simply not ready. Now that we are facing such dire issues in regards to vehicle emissions, it is paramount that companies were able to offer electric-powered vehicles that actually appealed to the public. They are battery-powered and charging stations are now widely available for a fraction of the cost of gasoline. Companies like Tesla Motors are actually enticing many people to make the switch.

  1. Solar Powered Bicycle

The Bicycle was a serious advent that changed the way mankind operated. Jesper Frausig from Denmark had a passion to take emission less transportation further and designed a solar-powered bicycle. It has a 70 km range and features a cruising speed of 15 mph and a maximum speed of 30 mph.

  1. Segway

Dean Kamen was the inventor of this electric, self-balancing human transportation device. How it works is that it features a controlled gyroscopic stabilization and control system that balance on two parallel wheels that respond to body weight distribution. Consequentially, the high-price of these vehicles deterred many people from adopting it for leisure use, but is more famous for it’s commercial applications. Now, there has been an innovative twist to this product making it much more affordable to the public. Companies like Hovertrax, IO Hawk, and Hyrides offer a more compact variation of this product where users are able to ride this device handless.

  1. Electric Trains

Global mobility issues that surrounded issues of health, environment, and the economy have been somewhat solved by the advent of electric trains. They operate on a source of clean and renewable electric energy. The most famous trains are in Europe and of course, in Japan’s Bullet Train. On the contrary, more and more countries and cities are starting to adopt this form of public transportation, thus this technology globally impacts the world for the better.