Top 5 Technological Businesses in the Transportation Industry

Top 5 Technological Businesses in the Transportation Industry

Top 5 Technological Businesses in the Transportation Industry

The transportation industry is extremely lucrative because of the profits associated, but more importantly because of the global impact it has on the world. Consequentially, we want to highlight some of the truly passionate companies in the field of transportation.


  1. Bombardier

This Canadian-based aerospace and transportation company that has made leaps in both their fields. The company manufactures jet planes and advanced railways. In fact, they are one of the leading companies in building railways. Consequentially, their innovations have helped the world stay connected and moving. In addition, the company also dabbles in recreational vehicles that prove to be exhilarating and functional like the famous Ski-Doo


  1. Alstom

This company focuses on developing advanced transportation services across a range of systems. They are one of the leading manufacturers of high-speed transportation and specialize in building advanced railway systems. They are currently operating in 70 different countries and continue to work on advancements in this field.


  1. Peloton Technologies – V2V Communication

A large contributor to import, export, emissions, and accidents is the trucking industry. The industry has proven necessary to urban landscapes, but the dangers and harm associated with this trade must be mitigated. Therefore, Peloton Technologies had designed Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication. What this does is that it uses radar that helps trucks use intelligent braking and road scanning that save both fuel and lives by constantly monitoring surrounding conditions. This company continues to make advances in the technology industry. We hope they make more leaps forward in the transportation industry.


  1. ZipCar

Subsidary of Avis Budget Group, Zipcar has revolutionized car sharing through their patented technology. The company offers members/users to use their “Zipcards” to access vehicles scattered strategically throughout different metropolitan areas. The vehicles conveniently mitigate the costs of parking, fuel, insurance, and maintenance, as it is all included in one price. They have no developed an app where users can honk their horn, lock the doors, or book their cars ahead of time from their smartphone devices!


  1. IBM

Previously famously known for their computers, IBM has made strides in revolutionizing the way the world travels. They devised something called intelligent transportation, in which they provide citywide traffic management, predictions, and analytics. This data is then used to make predictive decisions on how to increase traffic flow and improve public transit operations. They are the leader of this industry and work in the shadows to help increase the fluidity of everyday transportation.