Top 5 Weight Loss Technologies

Top 5 Weight Loss Technologies

Top 5 Weight Loss Technologies


Weight loss is a sensitive subject to some people, but we want those people to not feel intimidated by such matters. In fact, we want to encourage those that are brave enough to actually put in the dedication and time to work at these goals. There are such technologies that can eliminate certain areas with high body fat, but it is highly recommended that individuals take their own initiative to keep the unwanted pounds off. Aside from Ultrasound Melting, we have suggested many tools that encourage weight loss and promote a more confident sense of self-worth.


  1. Situ Food Scale

The number one factor to weight loss, particularly fat loss, is eating right. Many people think that they if they keep going the gym and work really hard, then the results will pay off. Well in reality, the real work happens in the kitchen or more precisely, with your diet. The Situ Food Scale is so pivotal, as it measures each foods weight and nutrition content, and then transmits the data to your iPad or OS device.  Sugars, fats, carbohydrates, etc. all can be easily seen from your food choices.


  1. The Cold Shoulder

This product has yet to hit the shelves, but former NASA Doctor, Wayne B. Hayes had created something called The Cold Shoulder. A good person for reference of this concept is Michael Phelps who reportedly can eat 12,000 calories a day when training and actually lose weight. The concept is in the cold water; when the body feels a decrease in temperature it will increase its metabolism and in turn burn more calories.


  1. Ultrasound Melting

An American company called UltraShape discovered a way ultrasound could kill fat cells. To do this, a technician pinches as much fat from the abdominal area as possible; they then apply a gel on top and move a warm hand piece over this section. It has been reported that these treatments cost $1,200 each visit, but also are said to have worked.


  1. Peloton Cycle

When we go to the gym to do some cardio on the bicycle, it is often more motivating to get on the one that looks the newest with a display and something to watch. What the Peloton Cycle offers is a 21.5-inch HD screen with Wi-Fi and all the traditional features of your favorite cardio blaster. However; what sets this apart is that there is a live instructor that holds daily classes, motivating individuals to have to show up to the gym and get on that bicycle in order to catch the class.


  1. Retrofit

Similar to many diet apps that track what you eat and how much exercise you do, Retrofit actually goes the extra mile. Every week, a registered dietitian, a behavior coach, and an exercise physiologist meet with you through Skype to ensure you are on the right track.